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Prof Sanjay Shamrao Chavan

Senior Professor Chemistry, Functional Coordination Chemistry, Coor... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Kolekar

Senior Professor Development of materials for supercapacitor, solar... View Profile

Prof Devanand Shinde

Professor Chemical ... View Profile

Dr Dattaprasad Pore

Professor Green Chemistry, Multicomponent reactions... View Profile

Dr Govind Kolekar

Professor Sensing, Photophysical study, Nanomaterials... View Profile

Dr Prashant Anbhule

Professor Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Kalyanrao M. Garadkar

Professor Prof. K. M. Garadkar is currently working as a Pro... View Profile

Prof Dilip H. Dagade

Professor Research Interest - Bio-ionic Liquids; molecular r... View Profile

Prof Sagar Delekar

Professor Inorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Shankar Hangirgekar

Professor Synthesis , applications of heterogeneous catalys... View Profile

Dr. Manasing Agnu Anuse

Professor Analytical Chemistry,Solvent extraction separation... View Profile

Dr. Madhukar Baburao Deshmukh

Professor Organic Reaction Mechanism,Organic Stereochemistry... View Profile

Dr. Popatrao Nivrutti Bhosale

Professor Inorganic Chemistry,Analytical,Solid state Chemist... View Profile

Dr. Uday Vinayak Desai

Associate Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Deu Bhange

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Synthesis of zeolites, oxides, battery materials a... View Profile

Dr Gajanan Rashinkar

Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Sankpal

Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Sankpal

Assistant Professor Green Chemistry, Ionic liquids, Heterogeneous cata... View Profile

Dr Shivaji Tayade

Assistant Professor SECM, Synthesis of ionic liquids, Polymers, Materi... View Profile

Dr Navanath Valekar

Assistant Professor Heterocyclic chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Nanom... View Profile